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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Jones looked like a baboon. Piers won this without even making a single point.
As much as I don't want to agree with you, I partially do. I'll elaborate more in the response below

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Not as far as TV goes. It is Morgan's show, not Jones'. Morgan was barely able to get a word in. Jones basically turned it into his own show (ranting and raving) but still. When it comes to TV, Morgan got owned. I've seen similar event on Oreilly, and they went VERY differently.
At first I was surprised that they let someone on the show like Alex Jones, but then I realized and is now being talked about (as some of you may have heard) that they had Jones on the show to bastardize those in favor of the 2nd amendment. Making us look deranged and psychotic with a poster boy like Alex Jones only helps their argument, so in that respect, yes Chase, Morgan won without saying a word. Jones did everything the CNN execs expected him to do. Jones did not do so badly himself however...Jones got all his points across using his time wisely to just spill out whatever information he could. Like someone in here had said earlier - if you were to read his monologue on paper, all his points checks out. Its really just a matter of how he delivered it. THAT being said, if Jones was calm, cool and collected while talking to Piers and engaged in a civilized debate, then something would truly be wrong lol. Alex Jones, as crazy as he may come off, is one of the last true people speaking up and voicing facts that aren't talked about in mainstream media. If the interview went any other way than it had, I would've lost hope lol.

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