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Originally Posted by Mike Larry View Post
i have a dumb question that i'm too embarrassed to make a thread about***********:
if i shot a bullet on earth from a high-powered rifle, straight out in front of me, and there were no obstacles in the way, would the bullet go around the circumference of the earth until it eventually lost speed and fall to the ground (i.e. gravity would hold it within the atmosphere) or would the bullet kinda go tangentially from the earth and build altitude until it lost speed and fall back down to the earth from a much higher height than i originally shot the bullet from?
Originally Posted by mash20 View Post
The bullet will fall towards the earth at 9.8m/s2 regardless of its horizontal velocity. If you shot it from say 1.5m up, it would hit the ground after 0.5s. Assuming a muzzle velocity of 1700m/s, the bullet would have travelled 850m by the time it dropped 1.5m. The curvature of the earth isn't enough for it to get into "orbit" at that velocity.

So it would hit the ground about 850m away.
Brew would disagree
Originally Posted by kuksul08 View Post
The bullet would take off
This is the correct answer
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