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Originally Posted by Cipri View Post
Big problem, I can't connect any more to the AEM EMS, I receive the following error "Parity error". I was receiving this error right after install but it was only time to time, now it seems permanent - I tryied from 3 different laptops using 3 different cables and the same error is shown each time.
Car is not starting any more with the AEM plugged in, I changed back to old injectors and went NA using only the car ECU.
I have also sent an e-mail to Kirk from HPF, maybe they can help in some way...

What do you guys recommend?
I had the same issue connecting the laptop. I found that u have to start the AEM pro software and run it offline . Then use the ecu connect with the ignition off and wait until the AEM pro is waiting to connect. Now turn the ignition on. It connects every time now. If u get a parity error I just unplug the USB and restart the software.
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