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Originally Posted by Cazz View Post

Square is better handling.

Here is the best tire sizing thread.

For street tires I still have a staggered setup. For the track, I run 265/35/18. I have a set of spacers for the rear wheels so I can have the same offset wheels and rotate them. I also have adjustable camber plates for the front. With the track tires I add some negative camber, which is better on the track and lets the 265 or 275 tires fit in the front.

If you run square all the time, you will have to figure out what tire width vs. camber vs. toe settings you want.
Thanks Cazz. It sounds like having a 2nd set of wheels for the track is probably the best option, and thanks for the thread link, there's so much info on here it's hard to find exactly what I'm looking for sometimes.
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