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Originally Posted by Wraisil View Post
The second "score" is generally the score of a recent football game (either pro or college), are you sure it didn't say 42-14?

Cramer actually tried out for the NFL after college but he was cut. I don't remember which team. I bet the scores follow the Lakers, Yankees or some other NY team. Thanks, I never thought about that.

Shares traded is a very important factor in trading stocks (less so for investing) and high volume is a requirement for many traders and HFT programs in order to bother with a particular stock.

Yeah, I understand that volume is important. 90 percent of all trading done in the NYSE is institutional.

I just wonder what the ratio of the DJI 30 stocks is to the total volume traded on the NYSE. I wonder if the ratio changes dramatically on a particular day if they would indicate a major trend change......an upcoming drop or major rise in the markets.


Trivia for thought............ As long as I mentioned Cramer...Pete Najarian , founder of Options Monster and a daily guest on CNBC; played for Tampa Bay.

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