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Good luck with your winter driving using chains on summer tires. Look like that is a solution for you. I was already to say this really works UNTIL I saw the picture of the SPACERS. They look like they are washers that allow the tire lug bolt head to extend further out from the wheel. I had to go back and second a second look at that picture and start thinking about the safety in doing that. So if appears that the tire lug bolt is not seated fully as designed by the engineers (BMW) to hold the tire in place. Some time back I had discussion on this site on the need for the existing additional lug bolt on the E46 compared to my prior E30 and the stress demands created by the E46 for the additional bolt. And now I am seeing that these chains are compromising the attachment of the wheel to the car. I am not sure by how much and how significant, or insignificant, that is--- but I would not be riding in my E46 with the lug bolt not fully engaged as designed. In addition, I would be concerned about the 'spacers' (washers) being seated properly, and the integrity (strength) of those spacers. I would not use this method whether I was doing 60 mph or 30 mph or any kph. I will stick to the old fashion method of mounting snow tires during winter months for MY safety, and the CAR'S safety, and the safety of OTHERS.
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