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Originally Posted by cpnardi View Post

I think that this is fitting. Our armed forces would not want to go house to house, more technology or not, it would be nearly impossible to win. Look at how the US did in Vietnam against a force that was ages behind us in terms of technology and advanced weaponry
They did just fine. Politics lost that war, not a lack of military skill.

Just like Iraq and Afghanistan today. We can beat the bad guys on whatever field they choose. We can beat them during the day, during the night, in a hurricane or a blizzard. We can hunt them and find them from K-town to J-bad. We can drag them out of their homes or tents in the middle if the night, or we can pick them off with a rocket from 10,000 AGL. Our military is trained, equipped, and stands ready to defeat or destroy whatever enemy they're given, and can go tie to tie with any force that's ever been thrown together on the earth.

Unfortunately, what we didn't know in Vietnam, but what we've learned over the past decade, is that fighting an insurgency is not about killing bad guys, it's about winning friends. While a U.S. home-grown insurgency might make some initial progress, I doubt it would keep traction long enough to become much more than a scattered band of outlaws. Without popular support, it would die quickly.

Now, there are a lot of people who support the second amendment, but how many in this country are willing to die for it? That's going to be the basis of your insurgency, and with that narrow a cause, it's not going to be sustainable.

In order to win this fight, you don't need to beat the Army, you need to beat Washington and Madison Ave.
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