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Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post

I'd like to think that our 3 million volunteer citizen soldiers would refuse to "go to war" against US civilians, even civilians behaving badly. But things like this have a way of starting from something isolated that didn't seem significant, and snowballing quickly before anyone realizes its gotten out of hand.
I'm not going to get an oporder saying "We're gonna go kill murricans, WOOOO!"

It'll start as a simple activation to maintain peace and provide a security posture for an armed mob outside the Capitol building in the state. Once there, tensions will increase until someone on one side or the other gets shaky enough to squeeze the trigger, after which it will be combat. People will start dying.

Once combat starts, my Soldiers will fall back on their training. Nobody is worrying about constitutionality at this point, they're worried about not dying. My people have ingrained and indoctrinated training to fall back onto while their minds go blank, and other people around them wearing their uniform doing exactly the same thing.

The armed mob has a fight or flight response.

I'm not saying an American insurgency is impossible, I'm just saying its not a black and white deal, and it'll be far more difficult than you might imagine.
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