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Originally Posted by eson View Post
The top speed should probably be however fast you go from wherever you are now, to your garage. Where your car should sit until you run a decently sized wheel/tire setup.

Originally Posted by VTEC_THIS View Post
This made me laugh, I got trolled on this thread
You laugh and then the response above but then why are you running a setup that will clearly compromise your ///M? Just for looks? If that's the case then you should lay off speeding....just drive the speed limit because you look so cool on those wheels....

The ///M is a performance car, not a cruising good looking car and should have said performance setup. If you want to set up your ///M as you have, then more power to you but don't sit there criticizing other's who do not agree with what you're doing to your ///M. This is the wrong forum for that. Just accept that other's here won't share your views as to how to set up an ///M and leave it at that.

You're running very wide wheels in back, I myself, wouldn't even consider running wheels that wide. Perhaps 18 or 19 x 10's or 10.5's but that's it for me...

Anyway, good luck on your setup and I hope we all don't hear about you wrecking your ///M because your "stretched" tires gave out while you were driving at a high rate of speed.... I did see the pic and your car does look good but I would just cruise in it, not drive too fast...
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