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Originally Posted by kaput View Post
So you own an AK, and feel you cannot justify your purchase? So, someone forced you to buy it and keep it all this time? Or did you WANT it?

Blanket banning based off of features of a rifle that do not impact how deadly it can be is insane. High cap mags are the problem? Really? Tell me how reloading takes too long. What does a pistol grip do to make the rifle more deadly? How about a collapsable stock. Does it make the bullets faster, or makes them catch fire and seek out children as the target?

Just because you don't agree with something, doesn't mean you should force others to agree with you. Just because there are criminals out there, does not mean I lose my rights. Just because you can't understand why someone wants to own an AR-15, does not mean I should not be allowed to own it.

You are more than welcome to have your opinion, but to be honest I don't have to justify why I want one, or why I own one to anyone. Talk to Tailo about why he needs his weapons. He spends a great deal of money on class 3 weapons, and enjoys them all. None of them have jumped up and killed anyone, not even one child, and his are fully automatic... Some of them are actual, honest to goodness assault rifles. What has his ownership of these great weapons done to personally impact your life?
Nope, I enjoy my purpose. I just don't act like I don't know the history of its design. And obviously you didn't read my post. I never called for any blanket banning, or banning for that matter. So keep your rant to yourself.
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