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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
Nope, I enjoy my purpose. I just don't act like I don't know the history of its design. And obviously you didn't read my post. I never called for any blanket banning, or banning for that matter. So keep your rant to yourself.
I read your post. You stated you don't see any purpose for the rifle except to kill at distance, and that you can only use it for range duty, and you find it odd that people don't know the "history" of the weapon.

We kinda do know the history, and it has nothing to do with legislation being pushed through. The "blanket ban" I referred to, was not brought up or being pushed by you, but was referring to what is being attempted. No one said you were for it, or against it. It is the topic we are discussing.

At what point did ANYONE who appears to have knowledge on the topic say the history of it's design and original intention in military form was paramount? Sure, understanding why a weapon was made is important, but it is not even a consideration for this topic. My Mauser was designed to kill American soldiers at distance. It's original intention was to kill US soldiers, and it would do it very well. Why is it not on the list, as it was spawned from war and designed to kill Americans?

Rant over... GFY.

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