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Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
Anyone been on a summer cruise in Alaska? There are a good number to choose from, so I am interested to see if anyone had a particularly good experience with a certain company, visiting certain destinations?

There are cruises that roll a departure from Seattle/Vancouver, into a final destination of Anchorage where you board a train and visit Denali Park for a few days... not sure if thats overkill.

This is for our honeymoon btw. So will probably spring for something with good ocean/shore views, and a private deck.

I have not been to Alaska.

Here is my breakdown on cruise lines:

Princess (Acura) = My favorite. Best value overall IMO. Mostly middle age and older. Great food and choices. Fresh water pools, fun but not a party boat.

Celebrity (Mercedes) = High class, best food, old people, best service, slow pace.

Royal Caribbean (Honda) = Middle class, younger and middle age crowd, average food, lots of activities.

Carnival (Chevy) = Youngest and Oldest mix, party, less quality

Disney (Lexus) = High quality, families, no casino.

Norweigen (Toyota) = Average across the board

The ships vary as much as the lines do. I had a great cruise on RC and a horrible cruise on RC. Princess is by far my favorite line across the board. Celebrity is romantic but can be boring. My parents love Disney even though they have no young kids.

Research the SHIPS on cruise

From my research, people like to do the Alaska train and a lodge stay at the beginning or end of their cruise.

Hope that helps.

Of course, JMO.

Originally Posted by mistrzmiasta View Post
did you get the engagement ring from if not you overpaid. take a canon camera with you on the cruise as well. make sure your room is equipped with a panasonic plasma tv. have fun.
Sounds Perfect as long as you don't have to use HDMI cables
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