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Originally Posted by choxor View Post
How did you know what color I'm getting

I still think the E46 has the best interior. It's like a cockpit. Very driver oriented. When I get into my M3 it feels like I'm getting in it to DO something. Getting into the E90 made me feel like vomiting. The driver seat of the F30 is pretty nice place to be, but not as engaging as the E46.
Spot on. Estoril is my favorite color too (Miss my E36 M3)

That's the ONLY color I'd get an F30 in. Sport bumpers.. it definitely "looks the part," as they'd say in England.

That red line in the dash would bug me though

And you're right the E46 interior feels purposeful. The E46 will go down in history (it already has) as the greatest 3-series ever made!

Honestly though the E9X interior isn't bad... especially the M3 w/ nav. The bulbous dash towards the center is a bit un-BMW but it flows well, IMO.

(Not 100% sure this is the E9X M3, but you get the idea)

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