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Originally Posted by awszach View Post
I was replacing my thermostat this morning(well trying to, it didnt go well). when i disconnected the sensor/harness on top of it; pulled the clip out than pulled the sensor off, well it was rotted and seperated from the thermostat housing/harness. the 2 wires in there are not connected, did it come apart/rip when i pulled the harness off or do the 2 connections(wires) just touch

also when i went to start my car it wouldnt start.
could it be that harness? is it possible to replace? what is it where can i get it?
**** really hit the fan for me this week, thanks for the help gents
Sounds like you need to rebuild it. Pics?

And when you say your car wouldn't start.. describe it.

Did you leave the lights on/door open or something?
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