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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
If the school already knows students are loitering in the hallways, why do they need to add a RFID chip to verify this?

What a stupid concept.
Agreed.... What is this going to solve. Either the teacher takes attendance and visually sees students missing or they run a scan and see the students missing... either way... students are not in the room and they don't get their state money.

Have teachers walk the halls 5-10 mins prior to class and ensure kids are moving. If some kids FAIL to report to class, issue them demerits, detentions, parent/teacher conferences and eventually expulsion if they can get to class on time.

You are going to tag and track ALL students cause a couple are not responsible? Hmmmmmmm punishing everyone for the faults of the few.
Seems to be the direction of this country now-a-days

My kid comes home with that and it's going right into the microwave

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