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The cockpit of the E46 is one of the best I have ever owned, let alone driven. When I first drove one it reminded me of my old CRX (cockpit aimed at the driver). When I test drove the e9x M3, as raw as it was, the interior (where you spend 98% of your time) wasn't as refined or composed as the e46. Now, the seats in the M3 e46 are much more comfortable than the one's in my 330i, and I think that is the only thing I might change down the road, if I can find a nice used set.

The end of it, my wife keeps pressing me to buy a newer style (calls my car a dinosaur) but I can't justify the cost for the newer 3 series. I have my "always updated voice navigation through my Android phone, I have my music through the integration kit, seats heated, power everything etc etc.

Her F25 is an absolute pleasure to drive, but I still get a smile every time I pull into the garage and see Cynthia. The F30 looks nice, and I might consider it down the road as a good used car, but the E90 is being skipped by me due to the E46 being a better machine.

E46 is amazing!

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