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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Gotta get that state $$$$$$
They'd whore out our children if it secured funding
I'm honestly amazed at how little importance our education administrators give to actually teaching the kids the best way possible.

Test scores to secure funding and mindless / redundant administrative overhead literally chokes a teacher's ability to teach kids.

My wife is a speech language pathologist at one of the best districts in our area (same as where I live) and they have an unbelievably tough time focusing on teaching kids due to the reasons I mentioned. Finally one teacher had the courage to bring up the topic to the superintendent and school board, so I'll be curious to know if anything is done about it. My wife forwarded me the letter that was sent by the teacher to the administration and it really changed my whole perception of what goes on in schools these days....even in "great" school districts.

We had already been considering private schools for other reasons, but now I'm even more convinced. Even if I have to eat Ramen noodles my kids will not likely go to a school where they are second priority to a bunch of administrative BS.
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