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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
I do not need to look at a map. I've been there. You cannot compare it to Queens since Pittsburgh is minuscule in size when compared to NYC. While it may be more "urban" than some bumblefuck town in Alabama, it's certainly not an "urban center".

Educate yourself.
You will like that you used the state of Alabama as an example of small-town, rural places, and I'm not going to hate about it. Couldn't be more true. But it might come as a surprise that we outlawed public lynchings months ago.

I saw this story on Drudge this morning. Before I clicked on it, I figured it would be in Chicago or Cleveland, or some other place like that. I have been to all of these cities, and they all have some great characteristics. But these stories like this seem to be what media picks up on. Lots of cool things going on in these large cities of the North. Where I live, Birmingham, is very similar to one of those cities: Decaying from the inside due to poor leadership vision, and white-flight. And even though I didn't vote for Pres. Obama, my hope back in 2008, when he won, would be that more attention would be paid to the plight of inner city areas. Guess I was wrong. He isn't a miracle worker after all.
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