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Originally Posted by joeski3d View Post
'ello gang. This is our 1st winter in our home. We have central air. It works find for the common areas which sit pretty much directly over the heating unit in the basement. The bedrooms (1.5 of which sits over a garage) seem to get less air. Especially the room in the back that has only 1 wall joining it to the rest of the house. That room gets downright frigid. Is there a way to evenly distribute the flow a bit more?

I've closed and/or choked the dampers hoping to force more of the warm air to the bedrooms but it seems to have little effect.
Do the returns have dampers. In addition to opening the vents to let more heat in, you want to open the returns to suck more cold air out (pressure will force more heat in too). In winter, you preferably want to close the returns that are high on the wall and open the lower ones (this sucks the cold air out of the room and pulls the hot air down from the ceiling).

Insulating the walls will help a lot in addition to sealing any leaks in windows/doors to the outside. If the colder rooms are at the end of a long HVAC run, you could add an inline fan to help "pull" the air flow along. Make sure all your duct work is sealed up with paste at the seams and wrapped in insulation

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