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That's the way to do it. People don't even care about good food after the cocktail hour. All they want is some good food to snack on when they get there and then booze and music. To hell with everything else. If you have ample booze and good music people are going to say it was a good wedding.

I have actually been to weddings that they stop serving during the ceremony and during the introductions. My venue even said that they do not serve during introductions cause it's rude since some people will be getting drinks. I solved that problem quickly by telling them, it's my wedding, I don't care and if that is their policy we will gladly keep looking. We are going as far as having red and white wine as well as champagne on the tables so that the older people don't have to stand and wait at the bar and having them roll out another bar (total of three) so that people aren't waiting long for drinks.
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