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Originally Posted by tl227 View Post
Like I said, I am not a heavy braker in any manner you stated.Could not give you definitive mileage but I would have to guess 20k. The pads are understandable. My real concern is the rotors. New rotors after one set of pads in my conditions seems odd. I'm just wondering if this is normal and if there is any other brands out there that would last longer/same performance.
Another factor that is sometimes overlooked is that driving in the mountains wears brakes faster than where it is nice and flat.

While rotors aren't a huge expense, I'd ask to have the thickness and runout measured. If they are within spec, there is no reason not to reuse, especially if they aren't scored.

On older vehicles it was common for rotors to have the extra thickness that allows for turning. That is not the case for "newer" cars. In my town, I know of only 2 shops that still turn rotors. And the cost of turning a pair is almost the cost of purchasing a new one. Add to that the additional complication of taking the rotors to be turned (and waiting for them).

Between these two factors, it is easy to understand why it is standard operating procedure at many shops to replace the rotors whenever pads are done.
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