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328CI Supercharger questions

Hi everyone!
Well, I am going to supercharge my 328CI likely next summer. I am hoping that some of you can help me through some questions I have. After researching as best I can I am 90% convinced the ESS twin screw style s/c system is the one I want, however I have a few reservations that Iíd like to put past you, the ďexpertsĒ

First of all, a bit of background on the car, itís a 2000, 328CI automatic (steptronic or whatever they call it) with 135,000km / 85,000 miles on it. Itís a RWD car that is in fantastic condition for its age. I want to up the HP and enjoy it a few more years and to give myself a new hobby now that Iím selling my í65 mustang. I am going to do the install myself. What I enjoy out of a sports car is quick acceleration and power when I need it for passing cars on a single lane highway. Iím not so concerned with maximizing horsepower as I know that the automatic is limited as to what horsepower it can make (+/- 15hp makes no difference for me). The prices these days between the 3 main s/c systems seem to be pretty comparable, so price is not really a huge factor.

Now the concernsÖIím concerned mostly about the excess engine noise. Iíve heard that the twin screw s/c system is loud. I would love to hear from someone who has owned both the centrifugal and twin screw s/c system for a comparison.

Also, a little back story here, I once owned a 1.8T Jetta and I installed a cold air intake and it lasted only a couple days b/c I didnít want a car that sounded like it should have been in fast and the furious. I donít think that s/c systems divert the excess boost into the CAI, but if someone can confirm that for me Iíd appreciate it. I donít want to have the same thing happen as before with my Jetta. Are s/c systems a closed system for FI?

I have read a lot of good things about AA and VF s/c systems and are considerations, however even with those systems they all require ECU upgrades, but does the ECU software upgrade adjust anything for an automatic, i.e. shift points?

Iíve owned many turbo cars and I like the feeling of the turbo taking effect, however, Iíd like to have a more raw feeling where by Iím getting more horsepower earlier in the RPM range so that I can have access to that power sooner, which is what I think the twin screw s/c will provideÖcorrect me if Iím wrong...

Thanks in advance for the help!!!
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