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Hagel for Secretary of Defense?

Good, bad or indifferent?

I think good, and hopefully representing a final stake in the epic recklessness that was the Neo Conservative foreign/military policy of the past 12 years (if on the wane the past four) and that has brought us and the world such pain, misery and destitution.

Perhaps best to have a man at that post who knows, first hand and painfully, what war really is rather than the abstractionist Neocon chicken hawks that see war as some grand adventure in which to commit the bodies of others' sons and daughters.

Question for Repubs averse to one of their own assuming that post: if not Hagel, then who? They certainly shouldn’t expect anyone more aligned with their policies/ideologies than Hagel. I think most of the GOP whining will stem from:

A. Reflexive anti-Obama'ism (They would be against Obama nominating their own mothers to be their own mothers).

B. Bemoaning this final symbolic death knell of Neocon Foreign Adventurism.
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