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I can't stand the cup holders in the E90 and am glad to see that they are now placed in the middle (in front of the shifter) in the F30. I personally don't have any problems with the headlights on the F30, but the ones on the E90 WERE better. Lastly, I hate to admit that I have accidentally mistaken the rear end of the F30 for a 5 series! The entire car seems to be larger on the outside than any of its predecessors, and its tail lights are very similar to the current five series. My largest complaint about the interior of my E46 is that damn armrest! BMW didn't give it enough support AND it prevents the usage of the second cup holder (unless it has a small can in it). I am about ready to shell out the $400 for a new one because mine is beginning to come off of its bracket. This is not an issue for the E90 or the F30. All in all, the interior layout in my E46 IS better than that of the E90, but the E90 does have better leather-appointed seats and the trim is better.
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