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Originally Posted by cak323i View Post

You laugh and then the response above but then why are you running a setup that will clearly compromise your ///M? Just for looks? If that's the case then you should lay off speeding....just drive the speed limit because you look so cool on those wheels....

The ///M is a performance car, not a cruising good looking car and should have said performance setup. If you want to set up your ///M as you have, then more power to you but don't sit there criticizing other's who do not agree with what you're doing to your ///M. This is the wrong forum for that. Just accept that other's here won't share your views as to how to set up an ///M and leave it at that.

You're running very wide wheels in back, I myself, wouldn't even consider running wheels that wide. Perhaps 18 or 19 x 10's or 10.5's but that's it for me...

Anyway, good luck on your setup and I hope we all don't hear about you wrecking your ///M because your "stretched" tires gave out while you were driving at a high rate of speed.... I did see the pic and your car does look good but I would just cruise in it, not drive too fast...

I didnt mean to criticize anyone its just funny to me because I completely agree with you guys, I did pretty much make my car the exact opposite of what it was built for but at the same time I love the look of it right now. Thanks for the tips though Ill just cruise at 70 on the freeway when I get the urge to go fast ill just raise it up and throw on my oem 19s
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