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Thanks for the comments. Well as I mentioned in the first post, this setup is by far the proper one for winter driving. We have 8 months of pure summer and 3-4 months of winter and it snows on mountains only. My commute to work does not involve driving through snow but 220km daily on motorway. My way of thinking is to have a backup solution in the trunk just in case I get stuck when I go for a weekend for ski, meaning driving short distances very slow. Regulations here are simple; if it snows, then you need snow chains (whatever brand) OR 4x4.

I compared the stopping distance from 30km/h with no chains; the car accelerated (downhill at 15 degrees) instead of slowing down
From 30km/h to complete stop with the snow chains, I needed around 15m. Considering the safety factor, I will always keep a safe distance of over 50m from the car ahead.

Testing location:
Lots of downhill/uphill with very sharp turns, if car is properly controlled with gears & light braking, there's no problem with steering, again, not recommended but only as emergency.
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