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Originally Posted by Irishace View Post
I am currently in the process of reviewing all options for a weekend/track car that I will be purchasing in the spring. The e46 M3 is at the top my list. I plan on learning how to drive the car and then adding power if in fact I go down this path.

Because it is fun to theorcraft about power potential, I have been doing a ton of research on FI options for this car. I have put together a rough comparo of the 3 leading options (these are current options, this will change when the MAX PSI kit comes out).

Some things to note about the graph I have put together:
  • The HPF information was taken from their website, (their new 6766 options has proven to produce more power)
  • The AA information was taken their website
  • The ESS graph was derived from information posted on this forum recently

Cost Info (taken from websites)

HPF Stage II: $15,500
AA Gen 7 Stage II: $11,995
ESS: $8,495 (this is the 550 kit cost but ESS has stated that the 575 kit is no different, just tuning)


You can draw your own conclusions here but HPF clearly has the advantage on power but that comes at a premium. The best value here appears to be the ESS kit but again that is assuming the 575 kit does not come at a premium over the 550 kit. I am anxiously awaiting to see information from MAX-PSI on pricing and power results with improved tuning or perhaps pump + meth.

A major decision point for me will also be proximity of support. The compexities of the HPF kit over SC options scares me a little. I live in Toronto, have a trusted BMW master mechanic I go to but I fear that if I go the HPF route I will have to ship the car for install and potentially ship it again if any major problems arise.

At any rate, this is fun times for me as I am in the cognitive phases with respect to this platform. I still have not decided if I am going to get an S54 as I am also looking at getting back into an N54 or perhaps looking at an S65.

Would appreciate anyone's feedback and experience.
Thanks for posting this graph but there is a lot of variables to these systems leading to these results provided above. Below I have posted a graph of our Active Autowerke Stage 1 vs Stage 2 Comparison to display the power potential with our HKS GTS 8550 System.

To the OP I recently sold my 135i (N54) and I am going back to the E46 and most likely with a S54, good luck with your search and looking forward to your project.

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