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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
With absolutely no experience or any real information, I've read Hawk street pads were poor performers. Reading is reading, how owners test rate products may be subjective but at least, is real world. Sometimes a myth is born that is based on reading alone. It's often really hard to tell what's up?

I'm not going to be buried with a set of hawk pads... far from it.. but I have found they make a good product IF (very important) you choose the pad that meets your application. Their variety of pads lets you get very specific braking characteristics depending on what you choose.... it also lets you choose something you don't like.

Example: The HPS pads wear like iron, very low dust and noise.. but.. they are not very aggressive, they feel much like a stock type pad in friction level (though they resist fade very well). If you buy them thinking about a friction upgrade you might not be happy... then post bad on forums etc.

All I know is I've used their blue's and 70's racing and HP Plus (better friction) and HPS (long lasting) on the street and have been happy.

On our Fiat endurance racer a set of hawk blue's will last over 14 hours of racing and lock the fronts with no fade on a non-vented rotor... I can't say they make a garbage product.
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