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Originally Posted by E46er75 View Post
I started a thread just like this in the general forum a couple months back. I have since tinted mine and I wish I went with a lighter tint. Keep in mind what "dmax" stated when he said he wanted to see at night. The first night with my tints I hated it..... Having to put the windows down in New Engalnd in the winter to make sure there is no cars coming is a joke! I work nights and I'm going to be removing the dark tints as soon as I get time.

Just be careful on how dark you go if you decide to tint.
I got LASIK and my eyes are very light sensitive; can't stand a lot of light and can't see when its dark. I have 20% on my car and I can't back into my driveway without putting my windows down if its night time. I'm in Boston so this is really inconvenient when it's cold out. I put LED reverse lights in and it helps a little, but not perfect. If your eyes aren't that good, be prepared for this. In my opinion, its worth the hassle.

Originally Posted by petemo94 View Post
Heard rumors that tinting over the "bubbles" on the window edges will cause more squeaks than you want. Its on the trailing edge of the front windows and the leading edges of the rear windows.

Did any of you experience this?

I'm debating whether to tint because of this.
I thought my tint was crappy because the tint looks weird over the window edges, but I took it to a few shops after and they said they wouldn't be able to do a better job because of the texture around the edges of the windows, its just how it comes out. Wish I had pics to show what I mean, but I don't right now. (Its cold out and I'm lazy)

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