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Originally Posted by brett05 View Post
Thanks. I fitted a set of 18x9's on the rear of my 325ci and they fit OK but just slightly protrude past the extent of the guard. I haven't driven with them on but would imagine there would be some rubbing. I'm going to look for another set, so I can run 18x8's all round.

Cheers, Brett
What tyre have you got on there at the moment? I reckon something around a 225/40/18 would be perfect.

The fronts aren't very aggressive though so they may sit in too much. Rear's all round would be nice.

Previous sizes fitted were 235/35/19 on a 19x8.5 et35 & 265/30/19 on a 19x9.5 ET45. Clearance wise I had maybe 2mm on the rear and a fair bit more on the front.

On an 18" you should have a touch more clearance which is why I think you could get away with the 225. If you go to somewhere like Option1 garage and advise you want to buy tyres and think a 225 will work but will want a 215 if not they will probably be happy to fit up a 225, see how it looks then decide if you should go smaller or not.

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