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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
That's a 16" OBR with an optional CTR stock/RISR combo, topped with a Bushnell HDMR scope.

OBR is an integrated upper receiver with a contiguous top rail angled at 20MOA cant for long range shooting. The barrel is a heavy Lothar-Walther LW-50 stainless steel match barrel. The gas block incorporates a switch to be used in conjunction with suppressors. Noveske was involved in this development. OBRs are guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA accuracy.

PredatAR is an upper with two pieces attached and bolted together for a solid and steady upper with no cant of the top rail line. The handguard is a thin tube-like polygonal design with modular attachments available. The barrel is a lightweight profile stainless barrel with no switchblock, and LaRue guarantees 1MOA accuracy.

The PredatOBR is the PredatAR rifle, but with the heavier OBR barrel.
Thanks for the clarification. I'd be into an OBR I think...not really settled on the 16 or 18 inch setup. That being said, I hear the wait for one is ridiculous and the ones that are available are massively overpriced. Doubt I'll get my hands on one. i really like that setup though...

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