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Originally Posted by Sweetness View Post
Congratulations on the purchase, sir. From the looks of it, your ZHP had some identity issues, and I'm sure it costed you. Certainly not cheap to paint your car 3 times and change the rims 3 times as well. I would have kept the CSL wheels and kept the rest clean and unpainted. As for the M5; such a gorgeous car, but I hope the trend doesn't continue from your ZHP to your M. The Air Ducting may be practical, and may look good now...but down the road it will get old very fast, not to mention it does have a cheesiness factor, and people who admire cars, hate custom. Custom can be hit and miss. I mean, this car is gorgeous, and you really don't need to do much to it. Keep in mind less is more. Don't go over the top, because this isn't as cheap as the ZHP when it comes to playing around and modding things many times over. Be wary friend. Good luck with build.
I appreciate the cautionary response. However, through five years, a persons identity can change, let alone their vehicle. Everyone performs mods that are hit or miss and that's the beauty of modding, a car is always a work in progress. To be honest, I loved the look of my ZHP the most right before I sold it, slightly modded, dropped and on BBS style 5s. I am picking up where I left off with the last look of my 330. My m5 is dropped, exhaust, intakes and will most likely only see a tune and headers very soon. I love the color too much to risk throwing any cf parts on an already fast car. My "custom" intake was modeled after a $2000 intake system available overseas. It is the only system to see significant gains on the s85. All welds performed by a moroso master welder, tig welded aluminum on aluminum. I actually went ahead and used better parts than that $2000 system (they used rubber elbows, Injen filters, etc). I utilized aluminum piping with silicone elbows and aem dry flows. All other intake systems have dyno'd a loss to minimal gains by still utilizing the space in the engine bay thus getting heatsoaked. Thanks for the input but you don't have to worry about this car getting covered in carbon. Only performance mods here. Oh and as for 3 different sets of wheels I like variety and can't promise my M5 will only see stock wheels, maybe BBS, maybe Rays, well reps allowed.
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