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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
...and if it's not the exhaust flap, then I'm betting on battery.

Say you have a known low battery...drive it a bit to the store. Start it up...taking the last little bit of reserve the car has...and maybe your battery is low because the alt is delivering weaker voltage.

Do a cluster test (#9) for voltage both off and on. Check bat connections, grounds...
Going to get a battery in the morning, nothing worked. Boots are all well connected, still brand new. ICV was clicking normally as it should, MAF re-cleaned...

I get it WORST when I'm on the freeway and it comes to dead stop in heavy traffic and I'm going 1-4mph, and then it'll start shaking and eventually get so bad the car sounds like its housing a jet engine, but it'll never stall or give me RPM problems, and it seems to go away once I drive off and maintain 60mph+ for a while.

As for the exhaust problem...would getting a new exhaust fix this problem? I was looking at getting one anyway.
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