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Originally Posted by Tom5933 View Post
Who's offended though?
You gotta keep in mind that businesses have to extrapolate what large %s of their customers think based on what a tiny % of their customers say.

In this case, ESPN probably figured that for every 1 complainer they could hear, there are 100 they couldn't hear, but that feel the same way. So they nipped it in the bud instead of waiting to see if it blew up or blew over, or instead of standing their ground.

They probably also figured if they did nothing and it blew up, it could hurt them (sponsors bailing on ad deals, or using the hubub to grind the network for cheaper rates), but if they just issue this statement saying Musberger "went too far" and move on, the only thing hurt is Musberger's pride.

Basically, they figured they might lose viewers if they didn't say anything, but they're not going to lose any viewers by saying something.

I mean, look at us, we all think it's dumb that they made a statement about it, but are any of us going to not watch ESPN as a result? Probably not.

Cue SportsCenter theme here...
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