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Originally Posted by badfast View Post

you are impossible. and it is not only because of the failed ways you frame arguments and abide by false correlations. And you constantly prove this by approaching me as some die hard gun grabber--when I am not. It is no surprise than that everything you read from starts with a negative perception of what I will say. I don't take you as an open minded individual just someone that is widely susceptible to misinformation and whatever conforms to his preconceived views. You not only prove it here, but in the conspiracy theories that you believe in and defend.
You are cute. You think that I am actually addressing you as Diane herself. I know you are a gun owner, and that you have a different view point. I am addressing the argument you are placing out there, regardless of what you actually think or feel, they way you are coming off is a gun grabbing idiot.

Widely susceptible to misinformation? Where? What "misinformation" am I representing here, or for that matter anywhere in these "conspiracy theories" you bring up. I asked a few very level headed questions, which not even you yourself could answer.

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