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Originally Posted by mcr_driver View Post
Having a bit of a moment right now...had a great day at work and afterwards come home to see a post from a mutual "friend" of my ex's and I. I deleted her and I should've deleted him but she never comments on his posts. The posts are about them hanging out this weekend and general chit chat (no contact since we broke up on Christmas.) I always had a feeling they would get together in the back of my mind, guess I was right or I am probably blowing it out of proportion, either way I need to get past it and remind myself of the negative things and continue to improve and move on. He's deleted now and I will go sifting through my friends list and removing all mutual contacts.
I know where you are coming from, had a douche friend start talking to a girl while I was dating her. Picked up on it at the time because I had a feeling something was going on, and just straight up asked him like a man whether or not he was talking to her. He couldn't give me a straight answer, tried to bob and weave around it, held my ground and asked him for a no bs any man would do. Needless to say he's a little bitch, and he knows I've cut him off...ever since then he's been trying to contact me to smooth things over, long story short..a douche is a douche..they will do douchey things.. No need for them in your lives. Cut them both off, you will meet a new woman and forget about both of them. Trust me, guaranteed.

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