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Well I bit the bullet and dived in to fit the angel eyes to my 318i tonight.

As others have found, the 318i does NOT have the Red/White line/Yellow trace wire that the 325i has to hook up your 'always on' DRLs. Neither does it have footwell lights to connect the secondary trigger to.

On my RHD 318i, I popped the interior light to see what colour wire I needed and which side of the car it came down to the dashboard. Using a multimeter I found the Red/Blue line wire dropped from 12v to zero as the light faded. This was the wire I needed. It went down the LH pillar on my RHD car.

Next I removed the Glovebox and looking in behind I found the Red/Blue line wire that runs up to the Interior Light. This is the one to use for the secondary trigger allowing the Angel Eyes to fire up when you open the door or use your remote to unlock the car.

For the main trigger, I folded down the fusebox and clipped into the Violet radio wire from Fuse 7. (Any fuse from #4 to #15 will do as all of these are switched with the Accessory position). I ran these two wires into the ECU box (there is a half moon shaped hole from the back of the fusebox area into the ECU) and connected up the main trigger there and ran the other wire to the righthand side where the relay is mounted and connected to the secondary trigger wire.

Then it was only a matter of popping out the indicators, off with the trims and lenses and fitting the actual Angel Eyes and connecting everything up.

The wiring of the 325i makes the job so much easier than for a 318i, but hopefully this will help others wire in their Angel Eyes.


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