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OP...not to disagree with Mango, but based on your last post, I think it is a low battery causing your issues...and I think your battery is low because of your alternator.

Let us know the numbers. If you have a charger, you should hook it up. If you get a jump start, then make sure you're measuring voltage on cluster so you can see what alt is putting out when the car is started. I think you'll find it's considerably below the 14V it should be.

I don't think it's the battery, but we'll see.

Don't get a new exhaust. You have a code for exhaust flap...and now, all that might be attributed to low voltage...maybe...but look up the tailpipe tips and see if you see a flap inside. They get rusted closed I hear. I don't have one myself...whew!

Edit: btw, that clicking wasn't the icv, I don't think...I think it was the starter solenoid...reacting to low voltage.
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