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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Do you have any idea how much easier it is to shoot a rifle under stress and hit your target than a pistol? Get a clue
Originally Posted by Tom5933 View Post
He watches CNN bro...he might as well be a combat hardened veteran.
You two are a joke. I have not shot anyone. Have either of you?

I have fired multiple guns, including a shotgun, rifle, and a pistol.

Furthermore, two of my older family members who are still in the army believe that the public should not require anything more than a pistol/hunting rifle/shotgun. No automatic or semi-automatic. Have either of you served?

It's funny that lots of the NRA members have never had anything to do with the military.

Edit: sigh: fully or semi automatic. Anything that can fire a burst. I'm done here. This place is a haven for gun owners with a bent view of reality. All this site does is make y'all feel better about yourselves. I'm happy for you, you've all found others just like you.

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