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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
Certainly doesn't mean we should downplay these mass shootings as you seem to be doing.

What should we do about the gang violence?
Look the school shootings ARE a problem but the cause of those isn't the weapons. Do you think the kid in the shooting just yesterday decided to do so because he had an arch nemesis on campus? Of course not. He got the idea by the non stop coverage of the Sandy Hook shooter.... these guys get vilified in the media as if they're Darth Vader so naturally a kid who is desperate and lonely is going to go that route if they think their life isn't worth a damn....

But to focus on the school shootings and make the argument around ARs it goes to show the insincerity of those pushing for gun control.. they aren't going after the real problem (pistols in the cities) but rather attacking ARs because it's an easy target given the school visuals. I'm sorry but that's bogus.

Originally Posted by Lair View Post
No, it didn't ban AR's. Please stop spreading the gun lobby's lies.
I was referring to the Chicago ban and the further ban that Rahm is proposing
Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
Just curious here, but what exactly do you need an assualt rifle in the urban/city area of Maryland of which you live?
Enjoyment. Target shooting, range fun, going to my family's farm and shooting hundreds of yards for entertainment with friends. The possibility of a Mayan apocalypse or home introducers. As of late, the main driver has been the fact that the left has been looking to ban my ability to own one... if you said that starting tomorrow you can't buy cars because the horsepower has gone too high and people are dying exponentially in car crashes, guess what people would go buy today.
Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
Are you offended on Chase's behalf?

why don't you ask Chase
Why the need for posting pictures?

And what on earth does my appearance have to do with me deciding I want to purchase a firearm. This is exactly what those in favor of gun control have been shaking their heads at the entire debate. Rather than logic or facts you just twist the argument into a personal grudge match.... oh chase doesn't need a firearm because he's tall and has long blonde hair???

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