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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
Difference? aside from the fact both fire bullets and are lethal?

I'll entertain your post (without goolge-fu and rely on my memory from service). In sum, AR's typically require the use of two hands and a person's shoulder to steady the weapon where as handguns can be used with one hand (however typically two hands are used for support/stability when firing a handgun). Then there are physical characteristics, size, weight, etc. Other differences include magazine capacity - though I realize there is magazine capacity limit for civilian use. Next is the type of munition used such as 9mm vs 5.56. ARs and handguns also differ in range and accuracy, depending on type and model. Then there are the roles of each weapon, where in a military context, hands guns are used for scenarios such as close quarters or a last resort, where as ARs are used to project firepower at range (e.g. M16 max effective range for an area target is 800m and point target at 550m). Also, in a strictly military context where fully automatic weapons exist, rifles have different rates of fire where, for example, you can select three round burst or single rate of fire. Handguns, as with the standard issue M9 Beretta have a single rate of fire.

At the end of the day, as I previously mentioned, they both fire bullets and are lethal. To add, AR and handguns that are in compliance with US law for civilian use, have a single rate of fire unless the person has a Class 3 license (that is if I recall correctly). However, I think member Rhumb put it best in a prior post,that it is perhaps the intangible (or tangible depending on how you define it) degree of efficiency an AR or handgun can inflict damage or harm. The last sentence being an opinion, not necessarily a fact.
Excellent. You seem to have a decent grasp on the subject, far better than most anti gun liberals. Great.

Now lets proceed. What round does more damage to a human, a 223 or a .45acp hollow point....or even a 9mm HP. Lets also keep in mind that a bullet is even more lethal when lodged.
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