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Originally Posted by mcr_driver View Post
Having a bit of a moment right now...had a great day at work and afterwards come home to see a post from a mutual "friend" of my ex's and I. I deleted her and I should've deleted him but she never comments on his posts. The posts are about them hanging out this weekend and general chit chat (no contact since we broke up on Christmas.) I always had a feeling they would get together in the back of my mind, guess I was right or I am probably blowing it out of proportion, either way I need to get past it and remind myself of the negative things and continue to improve and move on. He's deleted now and I will go sifting through my friends list and removing all mutual contacts.
that will happen man. Just remember she isn't your gf anymore and people will go after her. Do what I did and block her until you feel you are over it completely. My advice is to get with any girl at this point. Most likely it will make you feel a lot better. I don't know your social situation but just get out there. It's the weekend. But just know we all went through this sh1t at one point and it does get better. I don't miss my ex one bit.
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