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Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
^ Pricey. Every dollar we spend on 1wk+ of vacation, is a dollar we can't put toward home renovations or a VW TDI of some kind

I think that a larger boat would be OK, but with a bit of space to ourselves, and a balcony so we can enjoy the coastal views away from other guests if we feel crowded in. Princess and flexible dining sounds good to me, that was the biggest issue I had with the 1 previous cruise I went on, 12-14 years ago. Waiting for your time to eat, in line etc.
IMO, don't bother with a balcony. You spend very little time in your room other than sleeping so it's not really worth it and you are better off on the deck of the ship having wide views and a drink in your hand. Spend the extra cash on more excursions.
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