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Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
^ I understand where you are coming from, but Alaska cruises are completely different. The view is the entire point of the cruise. Balconies are a basic requirement for Alaska.
I can see where you're coming from too but when I went, I tried to be on deck as often as possible in order to take the sights from as high up as possible. Also, being on deck allowed me to get to both sides of the ship relatively easily and quickly in order to snap quick shots of whales and other such wildlife.

To each their own but I'd rather spend the extra cash on excursions.

Originally Posted by Ghostie View Post
We got TONS of use out of our Balcony:

-Eating Breakfast every morning with an amazing view
-Watching the Sunset and taking photos every night
-Staying in bed all day on Sea days, with the doors open (pretty tired from all the excursions)
-Falling asleep at night to the sound of the waves crashing

Having a balcony allows you to enjoy all these things privately (trust me, the crowd gets old after a few days)

Get one if you can afford it (Never cruising without one ever)

Don't forget to sneak in your own booze
1.) I was young (21) and never up for breakfast anyway.
2.) If you go in July, the sun sets at like midnight... Photos can be taken from the deck as well.
3.) Sea days in Alaska aren't really keep the windows open kind of days. It can get chilly.
4.) I could take it or leave it with the waves...mostly it's just the sound of the ship.

Agreed that the crowds get old, but again to each their own.

What's your booze sneaking technique?
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