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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
So you would rather have people make their own ammo at home out of rusty nails and glass then?

The point is simple. A 9mm or a 45 is more lethal than a 223. A 223 is a smaller round, and it is a sharper round with more penetrating power. It will go through a person where a 9mm or a 45 will get lodged, causing infection, sepsis, and a heap of other lethal issues. If anyone knew what they were talking about (legislators and politicians) they would understand that an AR is LESS lethal than a handgun. A AR is also harder to use on the move. A telescoping stock and a pistol grip does nothing for a weapon's lethality, and neither does a barrel shroud. An AR is far harder to conceal. An AR is more awkward to use to someone that is not trained. Anyone who knows anything about guns would know this...but the people who pass laws regulating weapons are completely clueless. Oh, and lets not forget that it is mechanically the same to any hunting rifle. If you cannot admit that this ban is nothing more than a political big d!ck contest that will sound all good and tough on paper but accomplish nothing, you need a reality check. Furthermore, thanks to the loom of this ban, more ARs have been sold in a few months than would normally sell in almost 5 MORE ARs are now on the street. I wasn't even planning on getting one, but I just bought 4.
If handguns are more lethal why are not the chosen weapon in war? Why do they serve as a backup?
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