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I think these forums and the stupid Internet are actually complicating our decision making practice. In times of yore, we'd drop by the ol' auto parts store and buy the needed part from the guy who drug out from the back. No research was needed, you trusted the parts guy.
Probably kind of an unusual 1st post from a newbie but here it is:

Ok, I'm the parts guy and have been in the parts business for somewhere around 30 years including having my own successful parts business. Here's my brief 2 cents worth:

I'm not going to discuss racing or track at all. Too many variables but for street/daily driving up to and including "spirited" driving, I wholeheartedly recommend Centric Posi-Quiet pads. If anyone is wondering, no, I don't work for Centric. Yes, I do sell their products. No, I do not personally gain from recommending them. Yes, I put them on everything I own(d) such as: 1992 Jeep Cherokee, 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2002 Chevy Astro AWD, 1990 Honda Civic, 1990 Mazda Miata, 1997 Mazda Miata (current), 1998 325i, 2002 325xi and my current 2004 330xi. Also we have 10 delivery vehicles (from Chevys to Subarus) and we put the extended wear (106 series) on all of them so yes, I have A LOT of experience with these pads.

So at this point you can either "trust the parts guy" or read on.

Why choose these pads? In summary, a superior product at a very reasonable price.

More specifically: They are made in a (original equipment required) manufacturing process known as positive mold technology which (as well as other benefits) you can read about here:

As stated, they are very low dust, have an excellent pedal feel, long wear and do a great job of stopping. I prefer the 106 series because I feel they stop and wear the best (even though I have 104s on my 330xi (we didn't have the 106s on the shelf when I decided to do my brakes lol)) but all three of the product groups are excellent. They also include the brake hardware :o)

The icing on the cake is that they are VERY resonably priced! Why? My guess is, Centric is and has always been more geared towards the wholesale market and spends a fraction on advertisement that companies like Wagner, Bendix and Raybestos do. On the flip side, they are not as easy to get. eBay and other online sources are your best bet unless you hunt down a wholesale distributor in your local area.

If anyone in the greater Colorado Springs area is interested in these and/or parts in general, PM me.

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