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I have to say that that strut tower bad looks pretty bad compared to others I have seen and I will list some reasons.

1. is has two > 90 degree compound bends and I would bet my car that it's Asian made and cold bent. This means is has an enormous amount of residual stress in and its now getting stressed by the car. The question you have to ask yourself is that.... Is this acting like a spring? Can it counteract the lateral forces without excessive strain in those bends? If it wasn't bent the way it is and maybe TIG welded aluminum then perhaps it might serve a better function.

2. Has this thing been time tested? My guess it's not. I wonder how long it would take to weaken during a track day or some spirited mountain driving. My guess this will be destined to fail over time. If someone were to find out the material its made out of and the dimensions I can run it though PTmodeler and let you guys know but I would need some dimensions of the bar and the cross sectional area(s).

Here's one I have seen at some local race tracks on M3's and 3 Series cars where the owners swear by it. Notice how its built.....

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