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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post

Disagree. The physical proximity of someone elses house doesn't make them my neighbor. My relationship with them does. I'd put my life at risk for most of mine. They'd do the same
I used the wrong word, and obviously we've all had shitty neighbours. I meant fellow humans... i.e. random acts of kindness towards complete strangers. Selflessness... one doesn't need stats or graphs to determine the lack of selflessness within the average american. Just read this forum often or talk to americans (I work with plenty when I travel for business) or travellers. There are exceptions, but when discussing a country it is best to speak about averages. And the worst part is, you don't notice you are doing it! Awareness of the lack of selflessness is almost non existent!

Example... before I got a keurig in my office, I would get tim hortons (ignore the stereotype ) every morning. Often (I'm talking once every two weeks or so) the person ahead of me would buy my coffee for me, with no anticipation of reward, not even expecting a thank you (pretty hard when they drive off!). So I started paying it forward as well. Small thing, but it could make someones day!
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