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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Disagree. The physical proximity of someone elses house doesn't make them my neighbor. My relationship with them does. I'd put my life at risk for most of mine. They'd do the same
We are all one big giant family and the powers that be in the world want to divide everyone up in to categories - countries, culture, language, religion, democrat, republican. For christ's sake I have seen people get in to heated arguments over a f*cking sports team! Pathetic.

Like I said, we are all one big family but with a whole lot of ignorant childish brats that call themselves adults and bicker over which car handles better or who's team is going to win.

Someone has society by the balls and they are squeezing tighter now-a-days...

Divide and conquer, right? Once everyone wakes up it'll be unite and prosper. Couldnt come too soon at this point...

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