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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
Any handgun with a threaded barrel? Isn't that like 99% of current production guns?
And requiring all owners to register their guns? Wtf I don't think so.
Threaded means external threads for screwing in a suppressor or flash hider.

The one I don't understand is the thumbhole stock. A ban on them seems completely random. Like saying "guns can't be colored yellow". How exactly is a thumbhole design any more dangerous than a traditional stock? They're mostly used by people for prone or bench shooting, so they're actually less like the kind that you would walk around shooting offhand - which I assume is how most rifle murders are committed. And if they ban them, people who want that style will just get a thumbhole style that's open at the top.

Like this:

Are they going to start dictating the angle of the grip? And why?
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